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Old Race Reports
The Chicago Marathon, and all about Ella's first and second triathlons. Now you can mostly find my rants on

Buzzing Fah (15 April 2007)

Langston (used to be) fond of the camera (now he just hides). His ad was in the March 2006 issue of LAPTOP, PC Magazine, and on the back cover of Hemispheres, United's in-flight magazine. Honestly, this wasn't our idea. My former employer pretty much forced all photogenic employees (or their family members) into active duty.

Other updates: Here's an ancient new year's card. Also, I've added some c++ to the code section. Brunch in the loop from a couple years back. Pix courtesy of Keith Greenstein, creator of the world renowned flapper (the only paper airplane to flap its wings in flight). Here's a batch of kid pictures from 2002. I had prepped a bunch of them for a new year's movie, but I never finished it. Most of them are of ella, but a few of lang are in there (things got a little hectic since he arrived). enjoy. I know, it's 2014, I'm working on an update. You know what they say about the shoemaker's family having no shoes? I run websites all day, not so much when I'm at home. The house on Beaver Island is not for sale at the moment, but feel free to make a generous offer. The interactive map of Beaver Island has proven to be quite popular.

lang's photos Lang was born on July 22nd, 2002. Here are the pics from those ancient times.

casper's photos My coordinationally challenged dog casper. Here are a few shots from his last months.

bike photos and details See how we're getting around these days. Let's just say the welding gear is on its way, and the results will be posted here...

photos of our art The pictures don't do them justice, but our friend Allan (allan2600@yahoo[REMOVE_THIS_SO_HE_WONT_GET_SPAM].com) made this stuff. Ingredients: paint, canvas, plastic, wood, christmas lights, and real eggs.

link to free code This entire site runs off of 2 php scripts (about 1200 bytes of code). Download them here. Dump your thumbnails and photos into a couple of directories and forget about it. You never need to update your html. If I'd been more enterprising, I could've been snapfish. Also, a c++ program to parse very large IIS files. It's not particularly fast by any stretch, but it employs most of the methods covered in the first ten chapters of Bruce Eckel's Thinking in C++.

About us:

This site is maintained by Avi Neurohr. I am from Atlanta, went to Emerson College in Boston, lived in Europe for several years, worked as a bike messenger in a few cities, built a few websites, and now I am a senior systems analyst/programmer for Northwestern University's Office of Research. I live in Chicago with my wife, daughter, son, and ill-behaved dog. Find me at avi_neurohr@hotmail[NOT_YOU_EVIL_SPAMMER].com.

I only say all of these things because I frequently look up old friends around the world, and it occured to me to look up my own name. The 2 results that came back were mountain bike race results and a newspaper quote that describes me as an 'assistant manager of a liquor store in Lexington, KY'...which, I must confess, was true for about a month and a half while Tresa was in grad school there. I guess you can't hide from the internet, can you? As Faulkner said, "The past is never dead. It’s not even past."